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Cara bermain Bola Tangkas sangatlah mudah. The principle is the same as the 7-Stud Poker where you have to get a combination of at least US Pair or greater to win. The game begins with the sharing of three card you where two cards will be distributed openly and one card is dealt in a closed state.

Di Bola Tangkas Online, If you feel you have gained a good card position, you may continue the game by increasing the bet / bet you or directly open the entire seven cards dealt.

Bagi para Prediksi Bola Tangkas As usual another poker game, 5 cards will adapt automatically to establish the best combination of cards the US Pair, 3 of a Kind, Straight, Flush, 4 of a Kind, Straight Flush, 5 of a Kind or Royal Flush.

Joker card is a strategic card in which the card can turn into any card to form the most powerful combination of cards so that you will get the biggest win prizes.

Features slot machine is a special feature that exists only in SuperTangkas where capital only 3 JQK card, you will immediately be given a chance to play slot machines with prizes of at least 2x the size of your bet up to the Royal Flush card combination. Briefly said, you've definitely win if you've got 3 JQK card.

Super button will turn on automatically when you've played 20 rounds. When pressed, you can open one of two covered cards to help your strategy to win the round.

Most importantly, always use the help list "Table Step" as long as you play to determine the default card that will appear so you know when to increase the bet / bet. Thus of course, you will get the victory over the maximum.

Welcome to Play,

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